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G a l a x i e s A p a r t.

G a l a x i e s A p a r t.

You saw the stars in his eyes,
You envisioned he besieged your world.

He saw the Universe in yours,
You were to him, more than glistening dots in the sky
That stare at the world for who knows reasons why,
You were the gravity that kept them in place,
Your smile an embodiment of aligned galaxies,
And they’re force fields, your face.

You were more than science and religion could comprehend,
Yet till this day,
Still contend.

⁃ Lu.


F o o t S t e p s

F o o t s t e p s

I tried to walk in the footsteps of my father,
but my feet sunk in his shoe prints.
I intended to traverse the path of my mother,
but my allergies wouldn’t let me travel the road of the flower.
I wandered in the route of Jesus,
and the thorns of sin tried to wear me down,
The very thorns that bedecked his crown.
I’ve seen of the world,
Of the paths of the peace and swords
Of the track of security and theft
And now all that’s left;
Is to take path less travelled by
A path lit with thoughts painted on my mind’s sky
One that leads me beyond insecurity beset sand dunes
And into a world lit by no sun but a thousand moons
Many a time I have failed to keep the pace
Now I seek my reflection in my creators face
While everyone aspires for the gold at the end of the rainbow
I revel in the imperfections of pebbles at the bottom of the waterfall
This is the promenade of certainty
In the waves of blue
This is the walkway of my skin
Past of the body of you
This is the path of;

b e c a u s e

b e c a u s e

I write for you to read
I sing for you to hear

My heart still bleeds
That you lend a deaf ear.

I walked so you could run
I sat so you could stand

Tears haven’t dried since
You chose the absence of light
Over my mellow sun.

I kissed to embrace
I cuddled to feel

My mind is belittled
By the thought
Of it being so unreal.

I toiled for you to rest
I danced so you could muse

I was always second best
All because of you.

two — for — two

T w o f o r T w o

B y & B y

Art by second name is beauty
Art by first as illuminated by you is poetry
By unworthy lips cannot be called
By unfit minds cannot be thought
For your allure men will slave
For your endearment my pen will curve
To swathe you in prose when your day gets cold
To upheave your feet when the ground can no longer hold
And as the doves do you will levitate
And your beauty is deserved solely by those who meditate
So to the gods of the stars I plead
So they understand this world’s wholly need
Is a peach of glamour to which you lend
Is a sight of hue which to the blind can mend
If the day never comes for your fairytale
If the night never comes when your dress is all they tell
Let them be deaf in their mindlessness
Let it be known they’ve been adorned by poetic finesse
Have they any idea what it means ?
Have they ever been penned for ?
Like a poet does for the girl of his dreams ?

S t e l l a r

S t e l l a r

Through space, meteors fly
Burning trails ignite the sky
What a sight to behold
A scene for which no eyelid can fold.

A traversing meteor
It’s beauty outdoes any stationary star
An all so rare sight in life
Unparalleled in lighting
The space in my heart
That is what you are,
More than just stellar.

Through earth, smiles glow
Adjacent teeth ignite our souls
A feeling so incomprehensible yet we know
A feeling which no heart ignores.

A heartfelt smile
A delta for a river of laughter
Soothing waterfalls of yesterday
How showing your teeth warms my heart
Oh this still eludes my mind
That is what you are,
More than just stellar.

S e p t e m b e r

You are the first rose of spring
A promise of a forthcoming summer
A birth of a future so oft you bring
A present of being tomorrow’s lover
Above birds spread their wings
Of my underserving gift I ask the King
Could saints from above sing
Of what angels look like at nineteen ?

“I don’t know if you remember, that night
In late September…”

Yet birthday’s come once every year
I seek to celebrate you everyday
In every kind of way, to love you
Though changes come with the seasons
You’re my only prospect on this avenue
For these reasons
I’ll say it again, I’m never going away
If September were music
Guitars would only play on the fifth day

“I was so much younger yesterday…”

If you bottled your truth
In my old age I would surely drink of it
For the most enthralling time of my youth
I have spent drunk off you
And I recall what I once was told
You know it’s her when spring dawns
And heaven begins to unfold:

“When it’s September, and in her, you find God”

Happy 19th birthday.

W e l c o m e B a c k T o Y o u


Like a penny in denims, torn
Like a loved one
Like a young one just born.
Like faith,
Like the reason to believe
Like hope,
Like the beauty of relief.

In the writing you were relegated to the shelf
Read through your pages couldn’t comprehend yourself
But slowly surely you have rewritten your tale,
Welcome back to you.

Like a heart
Like one shattered into pieces
Like chards of glass cutting through veins
Like a scar
Like those that brought pain
Like the memories
Like those of a childhood friend

In the igniting you torched somebody else
Put out with water couldn’t reignite yourself
But slowly surely you have rekindled your flame
Welcome back to you.

G u i t a r


Let’s make music
We needn’t say words
We needn’t learn physics
To fathom the speed of sound
We don’t need lyrics
To a melody our hearts can hum
And we will play,
We will play,
Until these strings snap
And the songs in us fall apart
Until then, we will play,
We will play,
Until the strings in our hearts
Can no longer be plucked
For these vibrations are our wings
And we stay afloat the rhythm of these strings
In our youth we will sing to the moon
As we dance the steps to life
This will be our tune
You decide which strings to pull
And No matter the sound
I will always, pick, you.

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